When someone is in a county jail in the state of Washington, they can be released (in most cases) at any time, day or night, 365 days a year as long as the terms of their Bail Bond have been met. This means that if someone is in jail at 4:30am on Christmas morning, as long as the bail has been paid and there are no special court ordered conditions for the inmate’s release, we can deliver the paperwork to the jail and have that person released.  Regardless of holidays and time of day, as long as the conditions of release are satisfied, we can get your loved one or client released.

There are some exceptions, which can be ordered by the courts. These are called “Conditions of Release.” Some examples of conditions of release are random drug testing by the State for drug convictions, staying away from the defendant in cases of suspected violence or staying out of licensed establishments such as bars or taverns in the cases involving DUI or DWUI. In most cases these types of conditions need to be confirmed on the next open court date for the inmate to appear and then they are released.

Generally, the bail amount is enough to secure release immediately so do not hesitate to call and find our how we can help you get an inmate released as quickly as possible.  With decades of experience, we know the courts and jails and how to handle every case. Trust The Bail Co. Bail Bonds to handle a jail release with privacy, efficiency and professionalism. We make house calls and offer 24/7 at-jail service, 365 days a year.