Lewis County Bail Bonds

The Bail Co. can get your loved one released from Lewis County Jail.

Lewis County JailDo you need to bail someone out of a Lewis County detention facility? Whether they’re incarcerated in the Lewis County Jail, Lewis County Juvenile Court, the Thurston County Jail, Thurston County Juvenile Court, or at Nisqually Corrections, we can help you bail them out and get them back to their families and friends. It can take some time, but we have two decades of experience in the bail bonds industry, and we can approve you for one relatively easily.

Navigating the courts and the paperwork can be a challenge when you’re trying to get someone out of jail, which is why our agents are trained to walk you through the bail bonds process from start to finish. We offer flexible payment plans for all different kinds of budgets, and we don’t take collateral – all we ask is that you have a job and can provide proof of income. We want to help first and foremost, which is why we make it easy and provide the lowest bail bond rates allowable by law. If you are in Lewis County, and you are trying to bail someone out of a Lewis or Thurston County jail or Juvenile Court, there’s no one better at helping than us here at The Bail Co. Bail Bonds.

To assist you, we are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year – yes, that includes holidays and weekends. Our agents are licensed and bonded and we accept multiple types of payments including, jail checks, cash, and all major credit and debit cards. You can contact us any time over the phone at 360-866-3600 if you’re in Lewis County, and we also do house calls if you are unable to come to our office or don’t have the time to do the process over the phone.

We offer bail bonds services for people in Centralia, Chehalis, Morton, Mossyrock, Napavine, Pe Ell, Toledo, Vader and Winlock, as well as the numerous census-designated places and suburbs surrounding those cities. We can provide signature bail bonds, appearance bonds and appeal bonds, and large bonds are our specialty, so don’t be afraid to ask us what we can do to help. Again, if you need help getting someone out of a Lewis County jail, call us at 360-866-3600 and get in touch with one of our professional, friendly agents right away.

Jails we service: Lewis County Jail, Lewis County Juvenile Court, Thurston County Juvenile Court, Thurston County Jail, Nisqually Corrections

The Bail Co. in Lewis County, WA


  • 24 Hour Fast Friendly Service
  • Signature Bail Bonds
  • Appearance Bonds
  • Appeal Bonds
  • NO COLLATERAL REQUIRED on most bonds
  • Flexible PAYMENT PLANS
  • Bail by Phone & House Calls
  • PERSONAL SERVICE, we will come to you!
  • NO CREDIT CHECK, your job is your credit!

Cities in Lewis County Where We Write Bonds:


  • Centralia
  • Chehalis
  • Morton
  • Mossyrock
  • Napavine
  • Pe Ell
  • Toledo
  • Vader
  • Winlock