The Bail Co. Bail Bonds now serving Olympia with 24/7 Bail Bonds

Serving Olympia, Washington, The Bail Co. BailBonds continues to help people in need of surety or release bonds in Washington State.


( September 6, 2013 — Olympia, WA – The Bail Co. Bail Bonds, offers bail bonds for people in Olympia 24/7, 365 days per year. Bail bonds are used when a court judge allows defendants to get out of jail, provided they can provide a monetary bond. That bond will ensure they will return for their court appearance. This will lower what the state refers to as “flight risk”, where defendants would leave jail but not return for their court dates. The Bail Co. provides these bonds so that people do not have to stay in the county Jail.In Olympia, the Jail is located at:900 Plum St SE, Olympia, WA 98501

Phone:(360) 753-8417

The Bail Co. offers at-jail service and can bring a bail bond to the jail in Olympia, or to the court as instructed by the judge. We follow what is needed by the law and what is needed for the defendant. The “bond holder”, in this case, The Bail Co., has the right to impose additional restrictions on the defendant. Depending on the severity of the charges, these can range from being under house restriction, not traveling out of the county, drug / alcohol / psychological treatment programs, or maybe just checking in with their office periodically. These are to insure that the defendant will attend their court date.

If a defendant does not meet their The Bail Co. representative at the jail, they are required to meet with one of their agents for an in-person interview and to complete necessary paperwork within 24 hours of being released. At this time they explain the conditions of release. They also provide date and time of the defendant’s first court appearance. The Bail Co. have years of experience making the process as easy for as possible and tries to help both the defendant and the courts in any way they can to ensure a smooth and professional handling of all paperwork and bonds.

When dealing with the Justice System, it is imperative to have some assistance to get everything done correctly. The Bail Co. will help in that process, though they do not offer direct legal advice, they can refer clients to a local defense attorney. The company has been service the Olympia community for years and will continue to for years to come. For more information you can contact The Bail Co. Bail Bonds at (360) 623-2514.

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