It is important to remember that when you are being released on bond, you have responsibilities you are agreeing to uphold, which is why the court is releasing you. The person who helps you with your bond, also called an Indemnitor or Cosigner, has their own responsibilities and is there to ensure that you will show up for your day in court.  It is the responsibility of the Indemnitor to ensure that the premium on the bond is paid and the defendant will appear in court on the correct date.


A bail bond is an appearance bond and is good for 365 days (one year) from the date it is finalized. If the case takes more time than this initial year, an additional premium will be due to hold the bond.  The premium is collected for each additional year. Premiums are not refundable and the cost of any expenses incurred in the transaction of a bail bond are to be paid by the indemnitor/cosigner.

It is very important that if the defendant or Indemnitor (or both) changes their address, phone numbers or employment, that it is the responsibility of the Indemnitor to notify the bail bond agent within 48 hours of any of these changes.

If you fail to comply with the conditions of your release or any of the parties believe you are going to violate a condition of the bond, you can be arrested and placed back in custody.  If any of the parties involved believe that you have or will become a flight risk, you will be arrested and placed back into custody. Parties involved includes the police, the court, the Indemnitor/cosigner and the bail bond agent.

The court may also determine special conditions for your release such as remote monitoring, and these conditions need to be met before you are released and throughout your release until you have been instructed by the court or by the bail bond agent that you no longer need to comply with those special conditions.

You are not alone!

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